So I’ll continue to continue


I haven’t blogged for a whole month and now I don’t even know what to write anymore. SO much has happened in a month that it is hard to pick out things worth mentioning on the blog. I like life quite a lot, the realization that I learn/grow/change every month is really joyful.

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme by Simon&Garfunkel 

I tend to listen to one artist, album or even song every day for a period of time, say, at the time I wrote the last post the soundtrack to my life was Submarine by Alex Turner, then it was Arctic Monkey’s album AM, then there were various twee bands and now the album I am listening to on my way to school is Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme by Simon and Garfunkel. I believe there are few people who haven’t heard songs from Sounds of Silence or Bridge Over Troubled Water like the title song Bridge Over Troubled Water (possibly my all time favorite song), but Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme seems to be a less known album, which is a bit odd as it has a lot of strikingly beautiful songs!


artsy babe (thanks for the photo, Anastasija~)

Oh, so I added a new item to my little collection of Almond Blossoms printed things – a shirt from Yizzam! Not only the shirt is comfy and soft, but it is made using only eco-friendly, water based dye inks, which pleases little vegan hippies like me. ◔◡◔  I suppose that sounded like an advertisement, but I almost 100% the people at Yizzam have no idea who I am and what’s the name of my blog. Talking about Almond Blossoms, we had to make a homepage for computer science about a theme given to us, I had a theme art, thus I made a super simple wordpress site about Almond Blossoms. It’s really basic as I had almost zero time to do it, but you can still take a look at some great art works there.

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 22.32.54

studying quantum physics, you guys!

Okay, I’m exaggerating a bit, but I really did get a better understanding about what quantum physics is in last Saturdays Young physicists school. Someone took that picture while I was doing a little experiment about polarization of laser light, results of which I later had to put in a graphic. Physics really has SO much math and while math is super fun it is super hard (at least for me) and I’m struggling quite a bit at school. I will try to rest and finally get some sleep throughout the 4 days of Easter holidays, but then I’ll have to get back to studying math with full force! I can brag about my grades in other subjects though, this week I got three 10′s (A+’s) – in computer science, French and economics!

It might sound like that, but studying isn’t all I do. I actually even have two good friends now, you are my friends, right Anastasija and Niklāvs? I suppose it’s kind of unusual, but both of my friends are 15 while I will be 18 next month (what. seriously. no way.). I have many so – called good acquaintances that are in their late 20′s so it isn’t that I can communicate with one age group better than other, but I just somehow like hanging out with Anastasija and Niklāvs, we are all awkward and geeky, but also cute and fun people who like public transportation and going to library, hah.


May you be happy and content with life, but also keep growing and learning bright, new subjects ♡

Spring melancholy

It feels like spring and the air is crisp. The sky is so beautiful it hurts to look at it. For some reason the spring has brought along  melancholy and nostalgia, there is something in the air that makes my heart ache in a bittersweet way, kind of painful, but beautiful. It probably sounds pretentious, but it feels like that. And I just want to bike around the nearby forest until the dusk ◕ ‿ ◕

Submarine soundtrack by Alex Turner 

The music of Arctic Monkeys and this particular EP of Alex Turner fit my current mood very well. I believe I have mentioned before that  Submarine is one of my five all time favorite films and its dreamy soundtrack is a huge part of its appeal. As with 99% of all fandoms I have ever been a part of, I am a few years late to liking Arctic Monkeys. Submarine was actually the thing that introduced me to Alex Turner, but I only started listening to the band after reading a rookiemag article about them. Also one of my classmates took a guitar to the school this week and it made me realize he looks just like Alex only slightly shorter. 

In other news, romanticizing grey, suburban areas is still my No.1. hobby (that and doing physics) so here are some photos I have taken around Riga, a huge part of them are taken by my iPhone (I never told you that, but I have one), thus the quality isn’t exactly brilliant.























1. a tree with beautiful roots spotted just before the sunset, it was the first day of the year I rode a bike..

2. thought I looked calm and peaceful

3. the sky and the Moon that evening

4. the other day the sunset was all pink!

5. clouds across the bus-stop I wait for the trolleybus from school every day

6. a place behind the school where I hang out on the lunch breaks if I’m not in library with my friend Anastasija

7. doesn’t the sky look like the sea?

8. Anastasija by an abandoned house

9. me by the said house

10. clothes hanging

11. my neighborhood at night

The spring break started today and I am happy about that as I really deserve some rest, I have been very devout to studying this semester! Also, also, also I got 10 at a physics test, 15 points out of 15!!! I’m going to miss hanging out in the physics room though. I mentioned our physics teacher in the last post, but I just have to mention him again. He might be my all-time favorite teacher. On Fridays we have two physics lessons in a row and he starts them with showing us some videos that are usually unrelated to physics, but rather philosophical. Todays lesson was   especially joyful as the teacher decided we had to smile and sit with our backs straight for both of the lessons and that those who would be able to that would get extra points on the next test.  Okay, it doesn’t sound hilarious when written down, but it was way funny and smiling wasn’t the least bit difficult as the teacher was also smiling and looking totes adorbs as usual. I hope I don’t sound like a huge creep, but, seriously, don’t tell me you’ve never had a teacher crush…


P.S. Happy π Day! It’s 3.14  today!



Greetings ♕


note that my blouse matches the pugs cute, pink tummy. real important, you know  

Aaaah, I just Love pastel pink SO much, you guys! Pink is literally the cutest color ever and I’ll continue defeating its beauty every time someone says it’s too childish, girly (girly is cool, okay.), fake or whatnot. However, it does annoy me a bit when parents dress their toddler daughters in pink from head to toes finished with a pink tutu and a t-shirt with Disney princesses on it. It is cute and all, but I hate it when just opposite the street there is a small creature all dressed in dark blue, sporting a backpack with a picture of racing car. It’s like the parents are doing everything to show their child’s gender even before the kid has learned to walk! Surely, If the boy has a pink backpack it means he’s GAAAY, reaaaly queeer amirite? Wouldn’t it be embarrassing if the neighbor thought the baby was gay? I know right, sooo embarrassing. Idk, sorry, I just hate the social constructs of gender soo much and it saddens me to see that they are imposed even on the new generation, which might mean that we won’t get rid of them that soon after all…

… Maybe I am especially angry about those things because people keep looking weirdly at my hairy arms and I’ve even had a classmate (boy) ask me why i have such hairy arms. Like, you know, BECAUSE I AM A HUMAN and also that comes in a package with my pretty, dark eyes and hair.



This cute, little blouse from chicnova was such a bargain! It was on sale and I also had a discount coupon for the first purchase so I ended up paying less than 11$ for it, shipping included!


creepy cute ♡

Came across this rad house in the Āgenskalns neighborhood, it seemed to be abandoned, but, wooh, isn’t it ~mysterious~? Creepy cute is the cutest cute.


diploma for the third place in an international arts contest 

Well. This was unexpected. A pair of weeks ago my old schools art teacher called to say that my work has got the third place in some Belarusian arts contest. I couldn’t actually understand what the work in question was, but it turned out that I got the award for the Totoro painting I did almost a year ago~ㅋㅋㅋ I had to go to my old school to meet my arts teacher and receive the diploma and a set of acrylic colors that came as a gift. Kind of useful, but the last time I actually painted was the time i did that Totoro thing. It also turned out that my former art teacher used to be the karate couch of my current physics teacher Oh, the physics teacher. Ugh, srsly who thought it was a good idea to hire a ~25 years old, free-spirited guy with ridiculously cute and curly hair as a physics teacher? How many hearts of middle school gals are aching every time they pass this pretty boy? IRRESPONSIBLE. But, maaaan, that hair…

And just like that I almost done with the school week, only three tests to write tomorrow. Sure I have found a great time to write a blog post! Whatever, I just study all the time and can’t make myself revise for the tests now. Also I need to save some brain space for the Young physicists school on Saturday and Math consultation on Sunday. Is there anything other than studying in theee world? well? Oh, and did I mention I went to an astronomy lecture on Wednesday…

Word of the week is imagen because seinfeld. imagen Eli actually wrote those three tests and got good grades. hard to imagen cause she didn’t revise, but wrote a blog post. 

+ And I don’t know what to say about the crisis in Ukraine. We are discussing it everyday at home and at school, which is only natural because Russia is our neighbor country and after the Crimean situation people are worried about the future of Latvia too. I am worried about Crimea…


The Physics of Everything

Sorry about the lack of posts, it is just that I am concentrating on my studies ◔◡◔

I know it sounds geeky, but it is true. Last week in English we had to write a short text about something you are obsessed with and I realized that the thing I am most passionate about is learning. I genuinely enjoy studying and devote my free time to it, however, it does not mean that I am doing great at school. Some things I am ~exploring~ aren’t even on curriculum while some of the ones that are do not appeal to me at all. I should study Math more though, I am really bad at it. To be honest, I would actually have enough time for Math, but instead of studying it I have spent many evenings reading biographies of outstanding scientists who used to be bad at Math while in high school (quite many, by the way~). It is terribly unproductive, but also comforting and inspiring in a way.


constructing a basic circuit

I’m taking this obsession to a new level and studying even on weekends. Here in Riga there are  so- called schools for specific subjects that usually have lessons once a month on Saturdays. Earlier this month I went to a physics school lesson and it was really fun ♡. It was my first lesson and I am quite sad that I missed the lesson that took part in January. Actually those lessons have been going on for quite a few years actually, one boy in the physics school told me that he has been going there for two years already. 

I also came across my new favorite physics experiment there!

 Rubens’ Tube

This is a classic physics experiment where fire represents sound waves. It was developed in 1904 by Heinrich Rubens to demonstrate the colleration between sound waves and sound pressure, nowadays, it is mostly used as a demonstration in classrooms or as a science display. The tube is filled with gas and has many tiny holes drilled along the top where the gas can escape and flames can be lit. On one end of the pipe is a speaker, but on the other end it is connected to a propane tank. A standing wave can be formed when specific frequencies are played, the higher the frequency, the shorter the wave. There are many great videos online demonstrating how the tube works, please do watch them because Rubens’ tube is beautiful and FASCINATING, you guys! I kind of want to build one myself…


some geeky kid by the biggest optical telescope of Latvia 

I finally visited the Baldone observatory last week. I did not have a chance to actually use the Schmidt telescope, but it was still a great experience. Mom and I were the only visitors and the main astronomer showed us around, gave a planetarium demonstration and answered all of my childish questions. I am a bit ashamed to admit it, but I didn’t know that it would be so cold in the observatory. Logically thinking, of course it shouldn’t be heated otherwise the cold lenses would come in contact with the warm air and start sweating… Oh, well, I think very slowly and my mind is always  full with useless information without being mindful. I HAVE TO BE HERE AND NOW. Oh, by the way, the main research interest of Baldone observatory is cool carbon stars, just an FYI 

I mentioned reading about scientists who started late and I feel like sharing some of my dearest stories, kind of an inspiration for other ~late bloomers~ like me c:

♡ Brazilian astrophysicist Beatriz Barbuy explaining what inspired her to become a scientist: ‘I was 16. I read the book One Two Three… Infinity, by George Gamow. I had just started the humanities and social sciences concentration in secondary school, and decided to switch to the science concentration. I didn’t even tell my parents. I had to study a lot to catch up, since I had not done the first year of sciences. From then on, I never stopped working.’ [source]

♡ American astrophysicist Meg Urry: ‘I came late to astronomy compared to many of my colleagues. As a high school student, I liked every field – English (19th and 20th century British and American writers especially, History (I remember writing several papers on the Civil War just for fun), Math (*loved* calculus! Why don’t they teach it earlier?), languages (I’ve studied Spanish, French, German and Italian), Chemistry (thanks to the marvelous Miss Helen Crawley) – well, you get the picture: I was a thoroughly undecided undergraduate. Then I took Physics as a freshman at Tufts and for the first time, felt both the challenge and reward of understanding some difficult material.’ [source]

♡ From wiki page about English physicist Sir Peter Mansfield who was awarded a Nobel prize in 2003: ‘On returning to London after the war he was told by a school master to take the 11+ exam. Having never heard of the exam before, and having no time to prepare, Mansfield failed to gain a place at the local Grammar school. His mark was, however, high enough for him to go to a Central School in Peckham. At the age of 15 he was told by a careers teacher that science wasn’t for him. He left school shortly afterwards to work as a printer’s assistant.’

…I feel so sad that I didn’t pay enough attention to physics in middle school, I feel like I have missed so much and can not get enough of it now. Wish me luck (•̤ ॢꇴ•̤ ॢ) !

+ an Autostraddle article about the physics of figure skating illustrated with adorable gifs of none other than Queen Yuna. Can not wait to see her performance on the Olympics! Talking about Olympics, Charlotte Kalla’s sprint to the final in cross – country relay was absolutely breathtaking. I don’t care for skiing the least bit, but, well, that was IMPRESSIVE.



Science and stuff

I have a strong need to document things. Even though I am very busy with the school at the moment, I feel like it is important for me to find a few minutes to document/archive/highlight/write down things. To free the space in my brain for new ideas and thoughts, new inventions and explorations, more space for physics and math#trugeek4evah!


got myself a new sweater from this etsy store

it isn’t like 98% of the clothes I wear are dark blue sweaters


I am the stereotypical tumblr girl, only without a tumblr

props to me for wearing no make up, BEING CONFIDENT, YOU GUYS. 

My perception of the world has kind of changed in the last few months and I now enjoy learning math and physics more than any other subjects. I wish I had learned math more when little. I wish my middle school physics teacher had actually taught physics to me and my classmates rather than just throwing some high school physics exercises at us without any explanations and then making fun of us for not being able to understand them. I wish my dad hadn’t shouted at me every time I couldn’t figure out a math problem. Maybe then I would have been more keen on learning those incredibly amazing subjects.

My interest in astrophysics is the main thing to blame for my infatuation with science. I keep reminding myself that in order to understand astrophysics I have to study physics and in order to comprehend physics I have to learn math ◔◡◔

I am not sure where will this interest lead me, maybe I will finally be able to understand the topics I din’t properly learn in the middle school,  or maybe it will even affect my career choice, but for now I am ~taking advantage~ of this little obsession and as my mom says: “soaking up all the knowledge like a little sponge.”

I only hope it isn’t too late for me to get into those subjects already… 

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

this is where I share some lovely articles and other nice things found in the deepest seas of the INTERNET  ♡

a framed picture of legolas in the girl’s bathroom at this sushi place

a framed picture of legolas in the girl’s bathroom at this sushi place 

LEGOLAS. The picture with that exact caption can be found at this tumblr and it is literally the cutest thing I have seen on tumblr this year. I am not even in the LotR fandom, but the picture makes me so so happy! I can not stop smiling when I think about how right it is to have a picture of Legolas in a sushi restaurants girl’s bathroom. It just makes so much sense.

I also wanted to share this scary Korean webtoon for real, it is disturbing.

kinda want to get this bag


This etsy shop does custom orders for different kinds of bags and pouches with the photos of ones beloved pets. Now I kind of want to get a bag with my pugs face on it…

I absolutely adore the Autostraddle recaps of Star Trek TOS. They are hilariously funny and Loraine kicks ass at making picture captions, but they also tackle the more serious issues like the presentation of gender and sexuality in media. I have to say that I stopped watching TOS after the 7th episode {Mudd’s Women}, which is one of the most sexist Star Trek episodes ever created, thus I am excited to read the recaps without actually listening to the choir of misogyny myself!

also the best music to listen while writing my huge research paper on The Virgin Suicides is the playlist of musical conversation with all of the songs that narrators listed in the book. It is a very sweet part of a book, but a bit hard to explain for someone who hasn’t read it so I will insert an illustrative video from the film:


this sequence is longer in the book and there is also a a full list of the beautiful yet sad songs the Lisbon girls and the narrators played to each other…

Or if your studying isn’t related to The Virgin Suicides, Studio Ghibli instrumental soundtracks by Joe Hisaishi also help to concentrate on studies while making you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Lately I have been listening to this playlist a lot, but there are many similar ones.