my sister called me a hipster


okok, I am still très busy with school, but this Tuesday (The Latvian Independence day) me and mom and pug skipped the crowds in the city centre and the fireworks <-ugh, useless and bad for the environment! and went to the Kurzeme region, the ultimate destination – Cape Kolka!


rocks are fun

rocky beach! The beach is covered in boulders and pebbles for several kilometres.


seaweed is fun too, obvi


sand candle in the wind


incredibly green moss


dry heather flower in the woods


Kolka Cool

Photos of Cape Kolka look like photos of any random Latvian beach tbh, it is beautiful and windy, but there are no cliffs or anything that would make a person think oh, that’s a cape for sure. It is, however, interesting to watch the waves on the cape as they come from two directions and meet on the cape, you can easily see the place where exactly the cape is (because obviously there’s more sandbank under the sea).

Now, unrelated to the trip, but I feel that it is important to add that I have decided not to study physics in the future. I am proud to have challenged myself and my grades in physics are twice as good now as they were two years ago, but I decided it would be way too hard to study it at a university level, mostly because of the math part. Also I decided that what I really like and want to do and what actually feels like my thing is earth science/geology/ecology(?). I have always been good at geography and I like nature and want to understand our planet better and geologists get to spend loads of time on field and travel to amazing places for work if they do research (I’ve always wanted to go to Antarctica! But not like a tourist, you know?). Besides I’ll still have to study some physics as an earth science major!

Razzle Dazzle Rose by Camera Obscura

I tried to be happy, it wasn’t easy
When I choose my color, it will be
Razzle dazzle rose

No particular reason for posting Razzle Dazzle Rose, but it is one of my all time favourite songs and I was listening to it on youtube the other day and realised that I had never liked it on there or posted here so… ♡

And I am being boring again, but I have to go now, it is really really late and I have to wake up early for school tomorrow. Looking forward tomorrow night because I will see Manta live again! yas yas yas, my fav Latvian band, I hope u all know that, okkk. It should be noted that I went to a show of theirs two weeks ago… And I ran into my friend and ex-classmate Luīze there! Shout out to Luīze! Veseļojies, Lu, lai ātri sadzīst potīte!





soft drinks are the most useless

so, hey ↷

Remember I said I won’t be writing often? See? I kept my promise. The reason I am writing now is because it is the autumn break or how do you call that in your countries and I kind of don’t have school. Kind of because I just returned from a physics consultation and after school math courses and on Wednesday and Thursday I’ll be going to school again because geography and chemistry consultations. Year 12 is no joke, kids.

But I like it. I really like studying, but thinking about the future stresses me out a lot, I actually kind of hate weekends because I feel like a huge wreck then. and I know I have to do homework. but I want to relax or smtn. and then I feel bad because if I want to be a rad physicist I should be learning all the time??? or not??? I’m so confused. Does that mean I don’t like physics enough??? AND WHAT IF I DON’T GET ACCEPTED AT ANY OF THE FOREIGN UNIVERSITIES AND HAVE TO STAY HERE, NOOOO NEVVVVER. MARK MY WORDS, THAT WON’T BE HAPPENING. No offense, Latvia is an adorable country, it’s cool, a safe space to live at, very little violence, can walk around at night on your own. I just want to GET OUT. TO SEE THE WORLD.

I decided that if by any chance my math is not excellent enough to do physics I could study something geology related, geology is the coolest.









The Moldy Peaches by The Moldy Peaches

The Moldy Peaches are so good! Kimya Dawson! I put up the whole album, but I guess my fav songs are Nothing Came Out, Anyone Else but You, The Ballad of H.Keller and R.Wan Winkle, also Lucky Charms. They are all cool, cheerful, anti-folk, lo-fi 4ever.

1. back in September I saw Manta live again, yaaay. It was only a month ago, but feels like forever. Also why is there an image of a hindu deity in the background?

2. I remember the night when i saw Manta very well because their performance was a part of an event called The Science Night when different science faculties were open at night and you could go see experiments and listen to some lectures. Also I became friends with Rainers then! yah, to think of it, kind of a best friend person at the moment. really weird as it is usually hard for me to become friends with someone, but with dat boyyy it was just like hah idk happened. We are kind of similar, but also really different, one thing I can’t understand is how he doesn’t like ~band music~ THAT KID DOESN’T LIKE ROCK’N’ROLL!!! [EDIT: We are not rly close anymore, but it’s ok! Not all friends need to be 4ever, but they all help me understand myself or the world better.]

3. loserface geek level =into the exosphere, buttt the mirror photo thing is kinda inception!

4. those aloe drinks are pretty nasty tbh. Way too sweet ehh, I like those jelly aloe pieces though. But real talk – what are soft drinks and lemonades made for?  I mean juice makes you feel fresh and is healthy [fresh juice], alcohol makes you dizzy [very bad, but has a purpose], tea warms you up etc, but soft drinks???

and plz no judging about useless selfies, I’m living the sad eyed grill life, also everyone knows Ezra Koenig is the coolest goth dad who’s not a dad and he lives the selfies lyfe, therefore I’m cool too.\

+ What’s your opinion on American Horror Story? I only started watching the 4th season a few weeks ago and I kind of like it, also Evan Peters looks soo much like one of my classmates!


stressed, but do not want desserts

hey, people.

I haven’t written  anything here for more than a month and I don’t even really want to write now, but I also kind of want to share some things I’ve become really fond of since, uh, August? It feels so long ago.

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 15.19.32

oh, ya, from the 1st September year 12 with year 1, I felt so big! [the photo is bigger if you click on it]

School started only three weeks ago, but the studies are in full force already. Being a senior is so hard, you guys! The last chance EVER to get good grades. really stressed. But also happy. I really enjoy studying, it makes me feel alive, it is kind of like riding the bike down the bridge with arms up in air. Oh, by the way, I’ve been riding the bike to school every day now. Trying to use the bike as much as I can before winter starts. Technically, I could ride in winter too if I changed the tires, but to be honest, there isn’t really a reason to do that as the public transport from my home to school is really good and  going by trolleybus can often be faster than by bike, so, ugh, idk it is just that I’ve been thinking about this for a while.

o Parks and Recreation! In late August I finally started watching Parks and binge watched the first 4 seasons. It is so good! aaah, really, I hope you all have seen it, it’s brillo [that’s a hip way of saying brilliant, you dweebs. okay, I just heard someone say it and thought it was funny.] also APRIL LUDGATE. APRIL IS April. I LOVE HER. To honor April I feel obliged to include a song from our favorite band.

Naomi by Neutral Milk Hotel 

Naomi is such a pretty song. On Avery Island is a beautiful album in general, I really like it. When I first found out about Neutral Milk Hotel I only ever listened to Aeroplane and thought that Avery was noisy, but uh! the sorcery of Neutral Milk! Every time I have thought I didn’t like a song/album of theirs I become absolutely obsessed with it a few months later. Whenever I am feeling self-conscious at school I listen to Neutral Milk and soon I feel like a total babe. or as an Eastern European version of April Ludgate only bubblier.

o Ansamblis Manta is still the most loved band in my household. I don’t know how is that possible, but there are quotes for every single life situation in the 11 songs of their debut album. They aren’t really quotes, but my mother and I just use them as some quick jokes or so? but they are really funny, seriously. it is hard to explain, as the kids said in olden days we’re just hip and radical like that! [pretty sure they didn’t actually say that]

Nāve jūras malā by Manta

Because of Manta I fell in love with the poems of Klāvs Elsbergs. I used to think the people who liked him were just pretentious hipsters, but ashhh, his poems are really good.

o Chungking Express! It was on the top of my list of films to watch FOREVER and I finally watched it. Ai ai, it is beautiful, the music is wonderful and the actors are great too, I mean Faye Wong and Tony Leung! Wong Kar Wai has some films that I think are pretty overrated like Days of Being Wild, which is just one big what. And not because it is ~intellectual~ or whatnot, but just because it is um, what? I have to confess that I still haven’t seen his infamous In the Mood for Love, might do it tomorrow though!

some parts from Chungking Express and one of the songs

you know how people make those bingo things about movie directors? Wong Kar Wai’s one definitely has to have POLICE OFFICERS in it, why are there police men in almost all of his films? Was it his childhood dream to work for police or what?


Kowloon Walled City [source]

Talking about Hong Kong, I’ve been reading on the Kowloon Walled City and looking at photos and the place seems to have been really interesting, kind of haunting even. Or maybe it only seems haunting to outsiders as people lived very normal lives inside. Still it is fascinating how so many people lived in a not so huge territory [~33 000 people within one city block] and how there were no laws governing the place allowing people to build a house onto the next building. It’s also sad that it was torn down.

yah, not sure what else could I write. Really. These days I mostly study, looking forward starting math and physics after school courses to get ready for the exams and stuff. Not looking forward reading all the boring books for literature, just because something is classics doesn’t mean it is good, okay? Quite interested in geophysics at the moment. Thinking about future and all. Have narrowed down my university choices to 5 places in 2 countries, but still worried whether I’ll get accepted or not and if I get accepted will I be able to pay the fees? I don’t know how often I’ll be writing now that school has started, but you can always reach me by email vendijaelizabete[@]gmail[.]com. I like it when people write to me.

Hope you are all feeling good,


used to be a doll now I’m human

ayo, Northern hemisphere kids, did you see the Perseid meteor shower this year? I hope you had better luck than me. It was cloudy and the Moon was very bright so I only saw two meteors this year, might try again this night…


pretty full moon 


somewhat closer

I took those by simply putting my iPhone camera to the telescope, they aren’t really close to the surface, but it was very cloudy and had just rained so I was happy to see anything. That was while in an astronomy seminar/camp in Valmiera, despite the rain the seminar was really interesting and I enjoyed it a lot. It was a great experience to meet so many astronomers, both amateur and professional [Ilgonis Vilks!], as well as doing random things like participating in the annual “who will assemble this old Alkor telescope the fastest” or even things totally unrelated to astronomy like playing Mafia late at night with a bunch of funny geeks. idk I just really like Mafia, you guys.


in the gym where all the astronomy geeks were sleeping [okay, some slept in tents, but whatever]

a few kids I know have said that my hair is the same all the time so here you go, have me with curly hair plz appreciate

okay, this is all for now because I have to go this Dzīvnieku brīvība event about humane circus aka one without animals now. Also I’m continuing to be a busy babe with the circus protests as well as seeing different bands live. In my last post I put a video by a band called Manta, turns out they will have an album presentation this friday! Rest assured me and my mom will be there [she has become kind of a fangirl now].

Dazed and Confused

finally watched Dazed and Confused, maaan. Basically it’s a 1993 film about the last day of school in the 1976, the soundtrack is real good and the outfits are hip too. Slater is a pothead, but he’s way too cute, also Mitch Kramer also Cynthia? Cute people. I do think that most of the actors are a bit too old to play high school kids though.


why is everyone so cute

Summer continues to be interesting. And I don’t even know what to write about it here. I have told stories about my little adventures and shared my thoughts with quite many people in real life so now it feels weird to write the same things here?


Gaujarts on stage, idk why the photo appears so small [source]

As I mentioned before I went to yet another festival! Laba Daba is a very big festival [at least for Latvia] and this year it had exceptionally many attendants. I think it was even a bit too big for me, Klang seemed more…comfy? Or I guess that’s because I was a volunteer there. Buuut Klang might get bigger, which is awesome, they’re even seriously thinking about getting Slayer perform next year! Yes, seriously, Slayer, they even mentioned that on their Facebook page.

Anyhow, I saw Skyforger live again! They were doing folk without the metal this time, all acoustic, singing folk songs with traditional instruments and all that stuff. They were okay, but not nearly as good as when playing electric, also too many war songs in my opinion. However, I was standing in the very front and at the end of the concert Edgars [the bassist] shook my hand and gave me their setlist! OMG, YOU GUYS, SUCH A FANGIRL MOMENT. I think I’ve told this to more than 10 people already. I know it isn’t anything that special, but still it was pretty cool.

Svītriņas by Gaujarts 

Also I kind of fell in love with this band called Gaujarts. I find myself  listening to Latvian indie music more and more. Am I becoming old? Am I an old hipster now? Oh, and a fun fact – Gaujarts’ bassist Maija has a Ph.D in geography, badass babe.

 Viva Voleros by Manta 

This band Manta has 4 members and two of them are in Gaujarts as well. The video has the lyrics translated in English and if they seem weird that’s because they are, no translation mistakes. I just think the video is simple yet beautiful, the light is soft [I actually know the girl who directed it! Not like a friend, but through my vegan connections, hah]. If there weren’t white people with dreads it would be even better. Yes, I do think that dreads are cultural appropriation, but it really seems to be a controversial topic, so idk what to say on that.

empowered male character!

empowered male character!!!111!!

My favorite drawing of the week, can’t find the source, but hah, Superman dressed the way 99% of female superheroes are + a butt window. Like there’s nothing wrong with wearing revealing clothing, but when all the female superheroes are fighting in underwear and 20cm heels? Kinda weird, you know?

Okay, kids, that’s all for now, more interesting stuff may be written here next week after I return from a four day astronomy seminar. So excited about that ♥