used to be a doll now I’m human

ayo, Northern hemisphere kids, did you see the Perseid meteor shower this year? I hope you had better luck than me. It was cloudy and the Moon was very bright so I only saw two meteors this year, might try again this night…


pretty full moon 


somewhat closer

I took those by simply putting my iPhone camera to the telescope, they aren’t really close to the surface, but it was very cloudy and had just rained so I was happy to see anything. That was while in an astronomy seminar/camp in Valmiera, despite the rain the seminar was really interesting and I enjoyed it a lot. It was a great experience to meet so many astronomers, both amateur and professional [Ilgonis Vilks!], as well as doing random things like participating in the annual “who will assemble this old Alkor telescope the fastest” or even things totally unrelated to astronomy like playing Mafia late at night with a bunch of funny geeks. idk I just really like Mafia, you guys.


in the gym where all the astronomy geeks were sleeping [okay, some slept in tents, but whatever]

a few kids I know have said that my hair is the same all the time so here you go, have me with curly hair plz appreciate

okay, this is all for now because I have to go this Dzīvnieku brīvība event about humane circus aka one without animals now. Also I’m continuing to be a busy babe with the circus protests as well as seeing different bands live. In my last post I put a video by a band called Manta, turns out they will have an album presentation this friday! Rest assured me and my mom will be there [she has become kind of a fangirl now].

Dazed and Confused

finally watched Dazed and Confused, maaan. Basically it’s a 1993 film about the last day of school in the 1976, the soundtrack is real good and the outfits are hip too. Slater is a pothead, but he’s way too cute, also Mitch Kramer also Cynthia? Cute people. I do think that most of the actors are a bit too old to play high school kids though.


why is everyone so cute

Summer continues to be interesting. And I don’t even know what to write about it here. I have told stories about my little adventures and shared my thoughts with quite many people in real life so now it feels weird to write the same things here?


Gaujarts on stage, idk why the photo appears so small [source]

As I mentioned before I went to yet another festival! Laba Daba is a very big festival [at least for Latvia] and this year it had exceptionally many attendants. I think it was even a bit too big for me, Klang seemed more…comfy? Or I guess that’s because I was a volunteer there. Buuut Klang might get bigger, which is awesome, they’re even seriously thinking about getting Slayer perform next year! Yes, seriously, Slayer, they even mentioned that on their Facebook page.

Anyhow, I saw Skyforger live again! They were doing folk without the metal this time, all acoustic, singing folk songs with traditional instruments and all that stuff. They were okay, but not nearly as good as when playing electric, also too many war songs in my opinion. However, I was standing in the very front and at the end of the concert Edgars [the bassist] shook my hand and gave me their setlist! OMG, YOU GUYS, SUCH A FANGIRL MOMENT. I think I’ve told this to more than 10 people already. I know it isn’t anything that special, but still it was pretty cool.

Svītriņas by Gaujarts 

Also I kind of fell in love with this band called Gaujarts. I find myself  listening to Latvian indie music more and more. Am I becoming old? Am I an old hipster now? Oh, and a fun fact – Gaujarts’ bassist Maija has a Ph.D in geography, badass babe.

 Viva Voleros by Manta 

This band Manta has 4 members and two of them are in Gaujarts as well. The video has the lyrics translated in English and if they seem weird that’s because they are, no translation mistakes. I just think the video is simple yet beautiful, the light is soft [I actually know the girl who directed it! Not like a friend, but through my vegan connections, hah]. If there weren’t white people with dreads it would be even better. Yes, I do think that dreads are cultural appropriation, but it really seems to be a controversial topic, so idk what to say on that.

empowered male character!

empowered male character!!!111!!

My favorite drawing of the week, can’t find the source, but hah, Superman dressed the way 99% of female superheroes are + a butt window. Like there’s nothing wrong with wearing revealing clothing, but when all the female superheroes are fighting in underwear and 20cm heels? Kinda weird, you know?

Okay, kids, that’s all for now, more interesting stuff may be written here next week after I return from a four day astronomy seminar. So excited about that ♥





Relating to anime characters

It’s past midnight, but I’m still up watching Blue Spring Ride [that's an anime] while eating way too many dried mango slices. Life is kind of good. Seriously though how can life be bad when you have mango? Fresh mango, dried mango, mango sorbet, MANGO EVERYTHING. just mango.

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 14.28.38

Oranžās Brīvdienas on stage (I’m the kid in a yellow shirt with no flowers around)

Anyhow, I was a volunteer at Klang [rock festival] and it was great! Me being a volunteer was also the reason why I am wearing a yellow shirt in the photo- all the volunteers had those. Everything was better than I thought it would be, the bands were awesome [at least most of them] and the people were really friendly, I got to meet so so many new, cool people and some I already knew before. Generally it was an interesting experience, I’m happy I went there, my first little festival, yaay!


pretty much me everyday, don’t even care, dungarees 4lyfe

So ever since I got my phone (~5 months ago?) my call signal has been ひこうき雲, which is OST to The Wind Rises, but I hadn’t even watched the film until last week! I just wanted to say that I was a bit disappointed by it, imo the movie lacked the usual ~Ghibli magic~ and the storyline while promising seemed half-finished and lacked depth. The characters were pretty meh too, Jiro was just a boring, self-centered jar of mayonnaise, but Naoko had no personality traits apart from being fragile and soft-spoken. At least the music was good! Really good, you guys.

For some reason watching The Wind Rises made me want to catch up on this seasons anime [not anime movies] and I started watching Blue Spring Ride, which was one of the few shoujo series as well as one of the few non sci-fi ones this season. I like science so it might seem weird, but I’ve never been interested in any sci-fi things apart from Star Trek, I’ve always preferred realistic books/movies/anime. Soo, BSR isn’t anything wooow, groundbreaking, but it’s pretty cute, very reminiscent of Kimi ni Todoke. I like the main character Futaba who hides away her ~cute side~ and tries to act rough because she doesn’t want other girls to think she’s just faking cuteness to be liked by boys. I also sometimes try to be tougher than I am and talk in deeper voice or things like that and ugh, I’d like to have some female friends.

Also also I feel like I’ve never mentioned that here, but my all time favorite anime [apart from Ghibli stuff] are Aoi Hana, Paradise Kiss and Honey&Clover! I watched them all when being 13 or 14 and I actually learned quite a lot about myself from them all, especially Aoi Hana. If you want to watch some nice anime with complex story lines I really recommend those to you.

Probably no one is interested in this otaku talk, but I used to be a huge shoujo/josei geek when younger and anime will always hold a special and warm place in my heart ♥

Untouchable Face by Ani DiFranco

Shout out to my friend Monika who just moved to Manchester! I have to confess that I only got into Ani DiFranco after Monika posted this song to her Facebook, so paldies, Monika ♥

Other than that I really like this song, if I had the rights I’d dedicate it to all of you lovely kids here who have this beautiful perfect adorable unrequited crush with silky skin who’s super cool and has great passion for something in life.

and yo, I feel sort of self-conscious and awkward and boring, so I’m just trying to cheer myself up and remind that I’m kinda cool… and I really like sugar free cornflakes, but they are so much more expensive than the sugary ones. why?


okay, so tomorrow I’m going to see Skyforger again! Aaaaah, my fav Latvian band!



perfect gift for pets and rats


I’m sitting in my room and listening to Russian folk pop. Yesterday I was taking part in a protest by the circus [collecting signatures] and a lady called Marina Kapuro came to sign the petition to ban the use of animals in circuses. When she and her friend(?) had finished she told me she was a singer and gave me her CD. Isn’ t that sweet? Annija joked that I’ll sure write a blog post about it so I am doing just that.

Маменька by Marina Kapuro

I found a song from the album on youtube, turns out that Marina is pretty famous! Actually I quite like many of her songs, seriously, not in ironic way, her voice is sweet and the musicians she plays with are good too. Also why is it that people from Saint Petersburg are so distinctly different from other Russians, say, Muscovites? I’ve never been to Russia, but that’s what my Russian neighbors say and it’s the impression I get from music/films/art/ etc. Ugh, I kind of wish I knew how to read in Russian [ok, I can read some simple phrases, but that's not it], talking wise I am fluent because I just picked up the language from TV and neighbors when little, but I’ve never properly learned how to write or read.


found a picture of myself in a sort of news site [source]

The signature table is the best spot, it is way more interesting than, say, standing with a poster. All the time there are people to talk with, also yesterday a little Chinese girl [a tourist] signed the petition and wrote her surname with hanzi and then asked to take a photo with me and Sandris. Cute stuff.

paint you B’Owl lips!

One night I was in mood for some anti-humor so I turned to the Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! which is pretty ridiculous yet I can’t help, but laugh at their stuff. Anyhow, THAT B’OWL COMMERCIAL. Isn’t it adorable? idk I just really like B’Owls, okay.

This week has been fun so far and I hope it will get even more interesting. I’m kind of worried about volunteering at that rock festival though, full with drunken metal heads, you know? I really like various genres of rock and metal, but I don’t really feel comfortable in that scene. It would also be cool if more fans of hardcore music were straight edge and vegan, hah.




stoopid, evian teen slacker

Once again I am feeling bad and confused and hating myself. And the way I act like a 14 year old brat at home. And how I act like a quiet, shy and brittle flower outside the house even though I am not like that and don’t want to be, I just can’t do this people thing, you know.

Fast Car by Tracy Chapman

Have been listening to Tracy Chapman a lot. Fast Car is her most famous song and it is, hm, really moving. Listening to it always makes me a little sad, it’s about the poverty circle, about escaping your hometown and hoping for the best, but ending up stuck in problems there and dealing with an alcoholic partner just like the mother of the song’s character did. Kind of hopeless, but also powerful, having the strength to escape when needed and the strength not to run away from problems.


sitting in a tree house in Lithuania

Also I went to the Lithuanian countryside for a few days to meet foreign animal rights activists. I can’t say much about that, but it was pretty interesting, a new experience. As most times when I leave the house I got slightly allergic and was being depressive and talked as little as possible even though the people there were really nice and funny and knowledgeable. I just felt quite uneasy about being the youngest and least experienced one there. Anyhow, I am happy that I know people like them and some of them are even kind of friends to me [even if they wouldn't consider a baby like me their friend].

pretty sure most of you have seen this video, but I need some cute vibes to the blog:

Just One Of The Guys by Jenny Lewis

holy virgin, I now have the hugest crush on Anne Hathaway and KStew and Brie Larson and Jenny Lewis’ hair and that Lisa Frank suit. Say what you want to say, I know the song and the video are quite banal, but I mean, look at their cuteness ◔◡◔

Talking about cute things, last week I went to Joana Estrela’s comic book’s Propoganda presentation, you can see some parts of the book on her website! Also I got cute buttons for free there [some of those, but in button form]!

I feel a bit overwhelmed with all the things I’m doing this summer, I’ll also go to some festivals for the first time in my life . This weekend I will be a volunteer at a rock festival Klang, next week I’ll go to a festival Laba Daba where my mom will probably go with her friend too [idk why, but it feels kind of weird] and the week after that I might go to a four day astronomy seminar/camp thing, haha.

Vēl kāds brauc uz kādu no šiem? Būtu jauki satikt kadu pazīstamu personu, hah. Būtu īpaši jauki, ja kāds pievienotos man astronomijas seminārā, es varu pārsūtīt vairāk info par to [cerams, ka vēl ir brīvas vietas]!