Busy and not

Ahoy, beauties!

Um, isn’t today Talk like a Pirate day or something? Not that i care, but, um, i like that every day of year celebrates something random. Arr…?

God Save Us! Pirates are coming to get the pug! See how scared she is!Seriously this is a historical moment captured, how many pictures of scared pugs have you seen?

I feel stupid now, why did i even bring this up? Perhaps i did that to show how shy and awkward i am . That is for those who don’t go to my school theatre club and haven’t noticed that yet. I have only been to two lessons so you might say it’s okay to be shy, but i’m very shy as in very very shy. Today we had this improvisation thing and everyone participated in it, everyone except for me. I was so scared that i’d act unrealistic and stupid and that i’d just stand there and run out of things to say, besides i had zero ideas about what kind of person i want to be in that improvisation as we had to choose some character, some profession/occupation… Also there were some cool people i kinda know and i didn’t want to fail while they are looking, there were even two guys who have already graduated high school and still come to those lessons and i know one of them as we used to go to Japanese lessons together!

And i also kind of failed in P.E. We had to run 400m as fast as possible, in my opinion 400m is the worst distance ever. I can sprint 60m or slowly run 3km, but 400m? – Hate that. We were divided in pairs of 2 or 3 and my group was second to run, the thing is that the two girls i was in group were mad fast! We started running and suddenly they were almost 10m ahead of me and i ended up finishing ~10seconds after them with a result of 1min 34seconds. It was pretty embarrassing not being able to run faster, but having some other girls cheer on you, i looked like a total nerd. However i ended up getting the best result out of my school friends which mostly run 1min 40-something.

There is one good thing in my life though :

Vein tights 

First saw those sometime in summer or even late spring, but still couldn’t get out of mind, so i finally bought them😉 And i’m really happy with those veiny tights of mine, they make me feel more like me again, like the weird Japanese fashion Lover part of me.

Best photography spot ever aka school bathroom, the one in 3rd floor of course because the second floor one doesn’t have a big mirror. You totally wanted to know that, i understand.

Veiny tights made me wear those adorable overalls again which i got 2/3 years ago from Liz Lisa, it was when everything Japanese was awesome and made me feel like the coolest gal in hood, oh, good ol’ days of my youth :D… Oh, and i Loved all the compliments and weird looks in hallways, teachers liked veinies too:)

How do you deal with shyness, especially when on stage/in public? + Dont’Cha like my new tights, feel free to brag about your latest fashion purchase!


10 thoughts on “Busy and not

  1. The outfit is adorable!!!!!!!!!! I love love love the white overalls with pale pink cardigan! Definitely going to try white on pink sometimes! And I’m totally not cool enough to pull off those stockings but you definitely did it really well!

    I’m really shy also so I use fashion to make myself stand out:) I think you can too esp cuz you have such awesome style!

  2. oh I just noticed that you already wore that after my first comment was submitted. Sorry seems like I encountered some blog problem here in loading the other picture! lol

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